Bellatrix Black is the eldest of the three sisters, and damn does she act like it. Societies usually prefer firstborns to be males, and Bella shows that she is better than both sexes combined. She is a manipulative conniving bitch, but also shows the loyalty, strength and fortitude of a respected and feared general. When it comes to men, she generally doesn’t care, but is drawn to those with power, like her beloved Dark Lord. Bellatrix also knows she’ll more than likely be forced into a pureblood marriage. The only man she deems worthy of this would be Rodolphus Lestrange because he shares many of her qualities. His only flaw is that he tends to show a compassionate side when around those he cares about. He can deny all he wants, but Bella knows he fancies her, and she loves to play around and break his heart, knowing he’ll always come back to her. But what happens if he gets fed up and leaves, will she finally admit to herself that she does have some sort of feelings for him besides respect? Bellatrix herself doesn’t even know her true feelings, she learned to bottle them up because it was a sign of weakness.  

Full Character Name: Bellatrix Prosperina Black

Nicknames: Bella -only by her sisters. Belladonna - Only by Rodolphus.

Birthday: October 27th

Wand: Walnut, dragon heartstring, 12 1/2 inches

Patronus: Bellatrix has never been able to produce a sustainable patronus. The only slight one she conjured was a panther.

Likes: A secret love for chocolate (NEVER CANDY). Especially Chcolate Frogs.

Dislikes: Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs. Anyone who is not Pureblood. Many things, actually.

Talents: Wandless magic. Dark magic, Hexes. She is very good at Spellwork in general. Dueling. 

Weaknesses: Healing potions. Easily distracted. Rodolphus. 

Family History: Granddaughter to Pollux Black and Irma Crabbe. Daughter to Cygnus Black and Druella Rosier. Elder sister to Andromeda and Narcissa. Cousin to Sirius and Regulas Black. Distantly related to the Weasleys. 

Favorite Courses: DADA. She finds it hilarious and wants to counter the counters.  Potions as well. 

  • Bellatrix is big on power and control. She enjoys knowing that she is in control of any situation at any given time. 
  • Her emotions are precarious, though she bottles them up as much as she can. 
  • She would let her anger slip before her sadness. Often her sadness is converted into anger and she lashes out. 
  • She has a love of dragons. If she was not becoming a death eater she would want to be a Dragonologist.
  • She is very possessive. What’s hers is hers. Once she claims something she will not easily let it go. 
  • Polyjuice and Veritaserum are her specialties in potions.
  •  She also practices Occlumency and Legilimency.